Getting ready for your first session

For the time being I am using the internet to engage with clients. On cold dark winters evenings meeting like this has many advantages.

Teenagers like using a screen to meet up, they are particularly comfortable with chatting in this way.

Couples who may need to get a babysitter find there is a lot less hassle to obtaining counselling by using the internet.

I will send an email to you with a link to Zoom, click on the link and you are admitted to ‘the waiting room’ from there I will admit you and we can begin.

For my part I can assure you of complete confidentiality. It is up to you to consider if you can be overheard, if this is an issue for you .

A couple of clients have chosen to sit in their cars to get the confidentiality and space they needed.

At the moment Face to face counselling is not happening. Below is how it will work when I return to offering Face to face meetings.

I have recently returned to face to face counselling but it is all quite different.

There is a perspex screen between the clients and myself. If clients prefer I will wear a mask or face shield. I am adhering to government guidelines to keep us all safe.Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available, the room is cleaned between each appointment. I ask that clients bring their own drinks and tissues should they be needed. Washroom facilities are available in an emergency .

 I can assure you of complete confidentiality on my part, I may discuss your case with my supervisor to make sure you are getting the very best help that can be offered, your name or anything that will identify you will not be shared

A few days before our first session I will email you copies of my GDPR and Counselling Contract, please read these, they are for you to keep as your copies, I will have printed copies here for you to sign

Each session lasts between 55 minutes and 1 hour.  Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis but this is open for negotiation.  During the first session we will look at any questions you may have regarding confidentiality or any other concerns. We will also consider what you want to get from counselling.

I am still offering online counselling via Zoom for those who prefer this.

If you choose to have your counselling sessions via Zoom I will send an email about 10 minutes before the session with a link to enable you to go into the Zoom waiting room. If this is your chosen way of obtaining counselling please check your Wifi is strong and you will not be overheard. I can assure you of confidentiality on my part but what happens at your end is your responsibility.