Getting ready for your first session

At the present time I am working on line via Zoom. Before we meet it may be good to have a brief chat on the phone to help you recognise my voice and ease any anxieties.  You may also like to give me a few details of what you are hoping for and checking I can meet any needs; this would also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. 

I will be working from my counselling room which is in my home.  I can assure you of complete confidentiality on my part, may I suggest you do the same by making sure you will not be overheard if that is an issue for you? You should also check that you have reliable WiFi connection.

A few days before our first session I will email you copies of my GDPR and Counselling Contract, these are for you to sign and if possible, return to me to let me know you agree with the statements in them. 

Each session lasts between 55 minutes and 1 hour.  Sessions usually take place on a weekly basis but this is open for negotiation.  During the first session we will look at any questions or concerns you may have, and what you want to get from counselling.

On the day of our meeting I will send you an email with a link to allow you into the Zoom meeting, you click on the link, access with audio and video then our meeting can begin.

Zoom is working very well for me and my clients, with the added advantage of possibly no babysitter needed or time spent travelling. I will be offering face to face counselling as soon as its safe to do so.