A secret about your therapist

Your therapist doesn’t just hold you in mind for the hour you sit in front of them. They research topics related to your case outside of sessions, spend time doing notes and planning your next session and they hold you in mind between sessions. When something reminds them of you, they think about you. they may take your case to supervision to make sure they’re providing you with the best they can offer.

Counselling for individual clients £45

Counselling for Couples £55

I work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Appointments usually last 1 hour

Longer can be negotiated

Appointments are available from 9 am until the last appointment at 7.30pm

Payment is requested via bank transfer.

Now is the time to make an appointment

I offer a free 15 minute chat on the phone if that is something you would like.


phone 07583 370 398