Helping couples to communicate because its never too late to start again

Are you struggling in your relationship? 

Counselling that meets you and your partner where you are.

Working together through counselling starts to build trust. We all know that relationships require work but many couples don’t know where to begin, the longer it is left the more difficult it is to start, those issues from way back are still unresolved.

Whether you are struggling with communication, commitment or other issues I am here to help you with your relationship, opening up a chance to move on into the future without carrying yesterday’s burdens.

JA Counselling

Have you been hurt by relationships either in the past or the present? 

Or perhaps you have hurt someone in the past and find it hard to forgive yourself.

Do you want to be free, to live a more content life, to say goodbye to all this rubbish that torments you?  

You really need to talk to someone who will understand and help you move on from the emotional pain you are feeling.

I have been a relationship counsellor for 16 years, I understand the secret pain you can carry through your life.

You may try to believe it doesn’t matter or it is trivial or it’s in the past but still it niggles at you.

Now is the time to resolve the past so you can enjoy the present and look forward to the future.

I work with couples who want to stay together or separate, I also work with individuals and young people.

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